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Apobiologix - Our Commitment


Our Mission

Apobiologix®, a division of Apotex Inc., focuses on the commercialization of biosimilars. The Apobiologix® biosimilar program is a natural extension of Apotex' long history of providing access to high-quality, affordable medicines in Canada and across the globe.

We aspire to transform access to affordable therapies in oncology and beyond through innovation, development and partnerships. At Apobiologix®, we believe Invention is not the only Innovation; we believe healthcare providers and patients deserve access to affordable therapies without compromising efficacy, quality and safety.

Commitment to Biosimilars in Canada

Apobiologix® is a pioneer and leader in oncology biosimilars in Canada.

Even before Apobiologix launched its first biosimilar, we were considered a leader in education and awareness of biosimilars amongst important stakeholder groups.


We believe that as a leading biosimilar company, it is our responsibility to continue bringing additional medicines to patients. But we can't do it alone. We work in cooperation with our HCP partners to enhance patient access, optimize patient care and ensure sustainability of our healthcare system.

Visit our Apobiologix Partnership Program to learn more about how we invest in our partners.

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